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How to get there[+]

Casa dos Guindais, Rua Arnaldo Gama,72, 4000-098, Porto, Portugal

How to get there: From the Airport, take the surface metro line violet to Trindade station (25m) swap to yellow line and exit at Sao Bento station ( 5m). Exit the station by walking to  zona histórica/funicular exit. Once you reach street level, take second left (40 meters),street name is Saraiva de Carvalho, walk another 100 meters, and cross the road at traffic light, you will see the Ferdinand Wall, and a square named after Arnaldo Gama ,a novelist. As you enter the square and street you shall see our house.

If you take a taxi and it doesn´t have a gps, please give the driver the following hints:

Close to Praça da Batalha,largo Actor Dias nos Guindais.

GPS- 41º8'32'' N 8º36'30.3''W

See you soon!


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